As I deepened my dive, it became clear to me what had been missing all along. The fundamental and foundational piece of my puzzle. The simplest notion with the greatest possible impact. My missing piece was self love.

This false belief is what causes us to self sabotage and push away positive things because we feel we do not deserve them.  Love, money, good health and more are all dependent upon how we feel about our worthiness.

After my post-divorce emotional storm, I realized I had no clue who I was, what I truly wanted or where my life was heading. I felt lost, spiritually dead and completely disconnected from myself. So I decided to dip a toe into the shallow end of the personal growth pool. The next thing I knew I was not only swimming in the deep end, I was floating; I'd found a new home.

For decades I bought into the story of "I'm not __________ enough."  Many misguided choices in love, career, friends and more were made from this place of low self worth, and all of it shaped what felt like my unfair-y tale of a life.

Debra Faith Warshaw, Self Love Is Free

The #1 false myth at the root of all our destructive behavior is that in some way, we believe that we are not enough.

Understanding this and journeying back to my core loving essence has become my life's passion and purpose.  Healthy self love is what enriches our life experiences so that we can feel pure joy, true love, healing connections and  intimacy on a deep and authentic level.

I am incredibly grateful that my passions as a writer and life coach allow me to serve and guide others on this journey back to their authentic, loving selves. .I warmly invite you to take this journey with me, one on one, and make the lasting shift into your truest and highest self, your core essence.  Together we will open up into greater love, passion, joy and worship of your divine self.

You absolutely deserve to be the love of your life!

Most of us have some resistance to truly loving and accepting ourselves. Most of us are unfamiliar with what it feels like to talk kindly to ourselves and treat ourselves the way we would a cherished friend. 

A lack of self love, awareness and compassion is usually what's at the core of most anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, anger, addictions, relationship issues and more. We spend so much of our energy self judging and rejecting parts of ourselves that need our soothing love and mindful attention. Rather than learn how to give ourselves this proper self care, we numb out with distractions or look to others to make us feel better about ourselves and to fill that aching and longing inside of us.

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